Sunday, May 23, 2010

From Russia With Love

Being in Moscow was surreal.

It was my first trip to Europe and exploring around the Kremlin and Red Square was fun.

Taking pictures and all, the only thing I should comment is that everything there is super expensive.

Do I Love Moscow? Nah. It was fairly good weather but the environment ain't my cup of tea.

A few pictures to mark my trip there.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shanghai Nights !

Finally, I have come out my burrow.

It's been a while since I penned down my musings. I just needed a break and some space.

I have embarked since on a new career which will bring me to different places.

A fun job it seems and something I look forward to in years to come.

To end off this entry, I shall post a few mementos of my Shanghai Escapade:

Monday, November 02, 2009

and there there was November

October came by in a whizz.

Much work events has happened.

Tired but hanging on.

It's been a slack month at the gym and I need to be more hardworking.

Readjusting my schedule here and there, it has been delightful nonetheless.

Am contented and happy and with 2 more months before 2009 comes to a close, I wonder what is install.

I should post pictures but I'm kinda lazy.

Gonna head to bed.

Work week ahead.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

as the cold wind blows

when the situation changes, some part of your lifestyle gives in.

my weekend has remolded itself to a more R&R time where I take it easy.

I drop my regular weekend activity mainly due to the sun and the harsh intensity of training.

Thus has made me relook and rethink what I want to remodel my lifestyle into.

That said, I'm pleased at what I achieve.

Next phase, new priorities.

Watch out. Pictures coming soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

the story of the pocket 5s

I was down about 60 plus but I slowly climbed my way up playing conservative poker.

On a table of 7, everyone was clearly holding their cards closely with just one person being the agreesor with about 360 in chips.

I peeped at my cards. 5 clubs, 5 diamonds.

Small pocket I thought. Odds are against me if they are big overcards on the flop.

I was the dealer. I had advantage. To see all doing the call.

First to call, bidded 7. Five people came in along with me that joined the fray.

Flop 3 diamonds, 5 hearts, 7 clubs.

I had triples. I was slightly excited because I had the advantage somewhat.

But I know somebody could be buying the straight. Or even had a straight with a 4 & 6.

We were all joking everyone had a 4 and 6.

First to call bidded $30. Everyone consequentially folded except Mr. Aggressor.

He called.

I just cooly pushed 3 red chips in and called.

2 spades appeared next.

Doesn't change much except if you have an Ace Four. Unlikely given the big 30 scare.

First to call person, he bidded all in. 70 bucks.

He had just bought in.

Mr. Agressor thinks. Hesitate. And calls.

2 players in. Now me the dealer. I'm sure someone has the straight. And I'm on the losing end.

But my chances were there to get a full house if a 2, 3 or 7 appears.

So I chanted very softly that I wanted a 2, 3 and 7. I don't know if anyone heard that.

On the river card. A 3 of hearts.

Full House.

My house is pounding. And excited.

It's Mister aggressor turn. The pot was about 300 odd.

He counted his chips and all in. $260.

Oh my god.

That was alot of money. I was abit shell shocked.

I was wondering what could he have to beat me.

A pocket pair of 7s can only defeat me or a pocket pair of 3s.

I showed my cards to Fabian.

He was stunned too.

He said, "what the hell you waiting for?"

I got him covered. So I called.

I show my 5s. Full house.

First-to-call dude revealed a 4,6. A straight on the flop but lost out to my full house.

Mr. Agressor just had a top pair with a Queen kicker.

That said, I was elated.

A pot of 600 bucks.

Speechless but it is a night to remember.

The story of my pocket 5s

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oct 09 - breezing thru life

it's a great weekend!

finished with my work event & went down to Pump Room!

celebrated gwenne's birthday.

had beer which was rather blah in my review. give me champagne anytime!

feelin rather perky too since it's been a while I did poker. had decent plays n kept my head afloat.

and gosh, it's October already.

time passes really fast.

I enjoy what I do and I guess I'm fortunate to be where I am.

And I'm kinda in some sort of competition and need votes.

gotta stop procrastinating and start garnering support!


oh and I've been on the Twitter train for quite a while, for more micro blogging excerpts from me, add me at benjaloy.

peace out and staying positive

Friday, September 25, 2009

and I talk about the weather

One of my biggest pet peeve is frankly, the weather.

I know it is bane for many, sweating profusely.

And it is sunny Singapore after all, your sweat glands have a workout every morning.

What irritates me most is that I'm all slathered up with moisturizer and wax for the work day ahead.

And BAM!

The hot sun sears your face like an iron meeting it's nemesis of a crumpled starched shirt.

Yes, I'm still sweating as I type this on the go.

Another horrid start to a morning.

I reminsence the days in Brisbane.

Sun was merciless but the wind gods had some consience.

Well at least it's a Friday. Been a short week.

May my streak continue :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my 2009 F1 weekend ahead

I dunno how much revenue the F1 is earning.

But it sure creates loads of hell for Singaporeans.

I pity those that work at Suntec City.

It's such hassle as I have noticably felt the growing crowd that it is quite an orgy given the smell of sweating armpits wavering in the air.

That's why on this faithful weekend, I'm opting to gym at Orchard or Raffles to avoid the horrendous crowd. Which reminds me, I got an appointment at 4pm at Dempsey.

I was at the Paddock Club last year. The noise was unbearable even though I wa in a nice Air-conditioned suite. I hope my weekend nights will be filled with mahjong.

If I was to watch the F1, Tv is the best way to go. With multiple angled cameras, a sofa and a remote to surf if the Tarmac looks boring, why waste good money when you can avoid the grime and enjoy time on my lovely big screen.

My plans for the weekend ahead. What's yours?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

expect a revamp

I reckon blogging has taken a few steps back over the last few months.

Work has flooded my mind and well, blogging is lesser of a priority.

I am declaring a change.


I'm gonna change my blog layout and there is going to be more of a theme.

Yes, since I am more health conscious and more of a gym rat now, it is going to have a fitness slant.

This journal will be take on a typical Singaporean bloke viewpoint on health and fitness issue.

So I'm gonna revamp it a little, even resort to renaming it.

Let's see where this take us.

This project will take about a week lead time.

Hopefully, you get to see this revamp by the time I reach 25.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

and then it is August. Gasp.

There goes June.

And then July.

I am more onto twitter and facebook these days.

Blogging takes a backseat.

I am totally enjoying my iphone.

Had a holiday in Indonesia.

Have loads of photos but hate the hassle of posting it up.

It's August.

Had a cozy long weekend.

Felt weird to holiday on a Monday but hey, beats nothing.

I am looking to work towards my New Year resolution now.

Working harder. New job and gymming.

Let's see how far I go.